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Sterling Silver Charms For Bracelets

Sale price$74.00 AUD

These sterling silver little cuties are the perfect compliment to your bracelet. They will fit all major brands. Each individual charm has been hand cut, hand sanded and hand set. No two are the same. They are just 10mm (approx 3/8 inch) across in size. 

There may be minor wear, which is to be expected with their age, but that adds to their unique one-of-a-kind beauty.

1. 1970’s Bunnykins

2. 1970’s Bunnykins

3. 1970’s Bunnykins

4. 1970’s Bunnykins

5. 1935-45 Shelley ‘Melody’

6. 1935-45 Shelley ‘Melody’

7. 1966 Royal Albert ‘Sweet Violets’

8. 1966 Royal Albert ‘Sweet Violets’

9. 2000’s Winnie The Pooh

10. 2000’s Winnie The Pooh

11. 1980’s Churchill ‘Midnight Willow’

12. 1980’s Churchill ‘Midnight Willow’

13. 1950-60’s Royal Albert ‘Londonderry’

14. 1950-60’s Royal Albert ‘Londonderry’

15. 1950’s Willow Ware ‘Green Willow’

16. 1950’s Willow Ware ‘Green Willow’

17. 1940’s Fire King ‘Jadeite’

18. 1940’s Fire King ‘Jadeite’

19. 2000’s May Gibbs

20. 1962 Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’

21. 1962 Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’

22. 1962 Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’

23. 1962 Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’

24. 1962 Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’

25. 1950’s Shelley ‘Rock Garden’

26. 1960’s Churchill ‘Blue Willow’

27. 1960’s Churchill ‘Blue Willow’

28. 1960’s Churchill ‘Blue Willow’

29. 1960’s Churchill ‘Blue Willow’

30. 1960’s Churchill ‘Blue Willow’

31. 1945-66 Shelley ‘Primrose Chintz’

32. 1965 Royal Albert ‘Memory Lane’

33. 1965 Royal Albert ‘Memory Lane’

34. 1950’s Queen Anne ‘Sonata’

35. 1950’s Queen Anne ‘Sonata’

36. 1950’s Queen Anne ‘Sonata’



Sterling Silver Charms For Bracelets
Sterling Silver Charms For Bracelets Sale price$74.00 AUD